Sunday, June 21, 2015

Messy Love

Jesus loved the Samaritans the despised people of his time.  Christians are called to be Christ-like and should, therefore, love the less than desired people in our lives.  What group of people do you not agree with? Love them! What group of people do you hold prejudice toward? Love them! What individual drives you crazy? Love them! Loving these people is messy; it is not an easy task.  We may have to give things up; we may encounter oppression from others. But, love them.  Why is loving messy people so difficult? Simply put, we are selfish.  We don't want to give up our time, our comfort, our well-being, our image.  All of these things may be taken away or given away in order to love others, but we often want to keep them.  However, these things were lent to us from God.  The things we are keeping to ourselves aren't even ours!?  God has blessed us to freely and fully with so many good gifts; how can we justify keeping something that was lent to us during our time here on earth?  We have had an overabundance of love poured over us.  Christ died for us. How many people can say that someone loved them so much that he or she died for them? As the Church, we can say that one person, one being loved us that much -- enough to die.  That unending, perfect, eternal love has been graciously given to us.  We have received more love than we can ever hope to give.  So, why not spread that love to others.  Why hoard good news, joy, and peace.  Share this love with others and not just with the people that are easy.  Let's love the messy and the difficult. It's not like we're going to run out of love to give.

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