Friday, March 30, 2012


So moved by my Heavenly Father. He is showing me His greatness through people, His miraculous healing, His constant forgiveness, His perfect shalom. He is teaching me to allow Him to fill me completely, and show others His unending love. He has recently put examples in my life to show me how to be filled and share. This is a time of learning and listening, of seeing God's will, and opening my heart to new things. Changing my major (English Yay!), setting up new schedules, teaching, and finishing up my first year of college. He is showing me these new paths, and I am crazy excited with where He is taking me.

Crazy excited for summer too.

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I have realized what silly addictions I have. I always find myself doing things or making things, instead of accomplishing the important things. I really should be working on homework, practicing for band, or studying. Haha, with such lovely things to do why would I want to do any of those silly things.  Lately my addiction has been these sweet felt baby shoes. I plan on donating them to a local pregnancy crisis center.
Aren't they the cutest!
Tumblr is something else that seems to suck up sooooo much time.
I just love looking at all the lovely things there.
Maybe I should make some new addictions like homework.