Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sweet Sundays

I love peaceful Sundays that are full of meaning. Curled up in a church seat, and just simply listening. Hearing deep passages that really impact your spirit. Worshiping with people who are moved by the lyrics in the songs. I truly love peaceful Sundays. A new song was introduced in our service. I had heard it before but hearing so many voices cry out with such faith and passion was a beautiful moment, that brought me to tears. Letting the emotions come I noticed others in the room completely overcome in the moment. It was an amazing "God-moment" that was able to bring so many separate people together.
I wish we did more of this.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


~10 Beautiful Gifts~
1. church music - the kind that really stirs your soul
2. christmas lights in dark rooms - twinkling their happy story
3. old books of poems - like holding history
4. sisters - the friends that are so close they are your family
5. alarm clocks - I would never be on time for class without it
6. notecards - the perfect thing to slip into peoples books for sweet surprise messages
7. rainbows -  to show beautiful things come after the storm
8. little hands - holding tight to show childlike faith and trust
9. God-things - little moments of "wow my God is awesome"
10. quite times - for pure thinking and a time of Shalom

A crazy weekend that ended in one of the best God-moments. 

I was so stressed out with the beginning of this semester and other things that were going on, I felt I couldn't take it anymore.  I was at a breaking point, and let myself break.  It's at these moments that God is so close.  He calms my spirit and gives me His perfect peace.  I began to see how God is never failing, and is my steady rock.

Sitting in church with an uplifted heart, I was shown again how amazing my Father is.  A side passage that was mentioned during the service and just gave me the hope I needed. 
James 1:4
Perseverence must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

My God is giving me that perseverence so that I can be complete, and exactly what He wants me to be, not lacking anything.

Here's my heart Lord, take and seal it.  Seal it for Thy courts above.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Why is it when I need to stay up I can't but when I want to sleep I have terrible cases of insomnia! 

Listening to Adele,
                    Reading Ecclesiastes,
                                          Actually writing.

I always wish I could live in a different time or a different place, but really I am happy in these beautiful "Shalom" like moments.
(even when I am really tired, and can't sleep)
time for chai tea <3