Friday, December 30, 2011


One semester of college done!
I was super excited about this break, but it really has surprised me.

It has been quiet, simple, and still.  Not what I expected, but good in its own way.  A period of resting before harder circumstances come.

Listening to music (and buying way too much)
Allowing myself to be broken, but in the good way that shows God is preparing you for so much more.
Cinnamon candles...a new addiction.
Expressing myself in new ways.
Reconnecting with friends, and letting go of others.

Content, Happy, and Joyful.....and ready for what God has prepared.

I miss summer :(

Monday, December 5, 2011


Living with a weary heart right now.  Just tired and wanting to do everything but what I need to do.

"Shalom" ~ peace; when everything in life simply fits together in a God-inspired, peaceful, beautiful way.
Life is just spinning and everything is flying in every direction.  I don't know which way I am going, or why things are happening.  I have too much going on and not enough energy to deal with it all.  My world seems to be slowly crashing in front of me, and I am not able to put it back together fast enough.  But in that chaos somehow everything works out.  All the jumbled pieces fit together.  Life is beautiful because God is holding me close.  He is picking up the pieces of my life and molding them together they way he wants them.  He is giving me peace in my messy life.  This perfect peace (shalom) is what I want and need right now.  Living in peace.