Sunday, November 20, 2011


Learning that God is completely reliable!

Organized a bake sale with my radical girls to send goats to families in other countries who can use them for food and income.

 Spent the day baking, braiding hair, dancin like we're dumb.

 I had no clue when we would have this sale, but some people from church were able to get me permission to have it sooner than I ever expected.  I had a week and a half to get things organized, and ready.  Praise the Lord it all got done and was a huge success.  We were able to purchase two goats, and could apply the extra money to buy baby chickens for the same cause.  I am so excited that this was all pulled together.  My God is amazing!  He is working through us and radically changing our hearts.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Completely unsure of things.  Making some difficult decisions.  Not ready for what's coming.  Feeling like I am drifting.

Seek the Lord and his strength:
seek his presence continually.
Psalm 105:4