Friday, September 23, 2011

New Beginnings

Silly Faces

Random Dancin


Sunny Walks


Spontaneous Singing

Crazy Friends
                                     Laughing Til it Hurts                                     
                                                                                                Real Tears
                                                                                                             Sweet Secrets

Cute Kiddies

Special Sunrises


Jesus <3

I hate that summer is over, I love the feel of it.  It slowly goes by but ends too quickly. 
 Summer is beautiful,
but this past summer really was. 

 I feel as if this summer was an ending for me; like apart of my life was locking me out and I didn't have any where else to go.  I slowly watched as my life began to change and watched as it slipped away. I became so focused on what I was losing I didn't realize what I was gaining. I finally saw God was closing the door to the life I knew, but pulling back the curtains to reveal the place he was taking me. I am always surprised by God. Even when I am not expecting it he shows me something new and amazing. Following Him is hard, its difficult, and its messy. Although new experiences are intimidating this is going to be an exciting journey with a beautiful ending!

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